Technology and Creativity

Our custom fabricated products are made to each customer's specifications. We fabricate products such as workboxes, fish wheels, running boards, ramps, high performance aluminum boats, racks, as well as taking on many other customer-specific projects.

Along with our custom fabricating services we offer sandblasting and painting services,. Painting service in our heated booth is available when you order a Neid custom boat from us or for any project you want to have a perfect fresh coat of paint. We make great ideas into state of the art products. Any custom weld project you have in mind, we can do it, start to finish.

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Custom Weld Shop

Being in the aluminum weld business for over three decades has earned the Neid family the reputation as a top innovator in their field. Our weld shop boasts a 12ft shear and a 16ft brake which is the largest in Northern BC.

We work with aluminum, stainless steel and mild steel but we use mainly aluminum because its high strength-to-weight ratio and ability to conduct both heat and electricity. These factors lend well to a wide variety of industrial applications. We also sell aluminum from our weld shop for do it yourself projects.

Custom Neid Boats

We produce custom fabricated aluminum boats that are built for outdoorsmen by outdoorsmen. We take pride in designing, fabricating and installing everything needed to deliver our customers a turn-key boat. Vist our custom boats page for more information on our fabricated aluminum boats . For further inquires about our Custom Weld Shop, please call 250-635-4843 or visit our Weld Shop Contact page to send us a message directly.

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